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June 2014 …

Please Note: We are now back on track with the making of the Biocircuits, although with occasional delays, so if you were waiting to order one, wait no longer!


On this site you will find much invaluable and unique information and research about a new approach to healing or energy medicine or vibrational healing discovered over a period of many years of practice and documented research. It is practical, and it is effective, and it is cheap to implement.

For an excellent summary of the history and use of Biocircuits, see this article.


You will learn about research done and reports made on:


                 The use of biocircuits or Eeman screens

                 * To balance energies in the body and energy body

                 * To induce deep relaxation in the body/energy body

                 * To  deliver healing substances chosen by you or your health practitioner to the body vibrationally, a method which is more powerful and much easier on the body than ingesting/injecting

                 The power of Vibrational Healing, or Energy Medicine as a practical, available approach to any health condition, as a way of managing your life and energies. This method of healing can also be used specifically in the form of a combination of BioCircuits and healing substances for a natural, risk-free, vibrational treatment for many degenerative conditions. For a scientific/energetic discussion of how Biocircuits work, see here.

You will also be able to obtain:

                 Your own Eeman Biocircuit for research into healing and relaxing, as well as for help in the healing of your particular condition, if you have one.

See a picture here and also at the bottom of this page and also on this page ).

Our Biocircuit kits are of the best quality for a number of reasons:

· We don’t use solder, especially lead solder, which contaminates the  energy transmitted to you—other BCs often use solder. We attach by sewing the wires to the screens.

· We follow Eeman’s and Lindemann’s best practice in construction—for example, the larger screens are 12”x 12” (25cm square). Any smaller and the effect is not as pronounced. Eeman made a point of this in his extensive research.

· We incorporate the in-line bottle for remedies, thus extending the usefulness of the BC a great deal.


This site will always be under development, as the subjects covered here are under constant research and are forever expanding. We hope you’ll return often to check out the changes, and to offer your own input and research. We are keen to work with other researchers in ridding the world of the problem of disease, and of those who profit by prolonging it.


Note that the conditions under which anyone obtains any product or information  from this site are these: that you become a co-researcher with us in the development of this exciting method of vibrational healing, and that you contribute to this research via feedback from your own use of these products. We do not give medical advice: we provide information on alternatives to those who wish to be informed about what are the options beyond the mainstream medical protocols. See our disclaimer too.





Tim Strachan




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